четверг, 24 марта 2011 г.

Inner art world

Well, as you know I adore the art sphere and everything with it.
Every day we can find something new inside us or outside, something to make our inner land better and wider.
So, yesterday I caught a couple of that things and now I wanna share it with you.
It's theme of painting and pictures.
 Look at it, what a magical place! It reminds me stories about the higherst and powerful mountain Kailas.
 The door into another world ,I'd say. And all the time when I look at this picture I wanna get into it like it calls me.
 Reminds me New York at night although I have never been there. But I'd call it "White city".:)

 What do you see there?? I can find a lot for me in this abstraction painting : trees, water, stones, a man, faces...etc.

The painter of these all wonderful, fabulous works is a great, intelligent and with a very deep inner world person, Angelos Krapis.

My best best wishes to him  in everything and his art life!!!