суббота, 26 марта 2011 г.

To open eyes wider.

        Not long ago I met very nice, interesting and amazing people, they helped me to know my lovely art world more better than I knew it before, to open eyes wider and find some new ways for myself.
       Some of them allowed me to meet Doro Pesch and her band on my path of the life. And I fell in love with her voice even in a minute when I saw her on a stage. No, I'm not a crazy fan or someone like this, I just find completely that things in her lyrics and songs which I have in my mind and soul.
       I generally have never been a fan, although no, I was and I'm still a fan, mad fan of the music. Of course, I prefer something more than another, some tone than anoher but I love music as it is. We can heard these words in one of Placebo songs "I love the song but not the singer", so it's perfectly corresponds with my situation.
       Music is the main part of our life, I think, like a background, sound in a movie. We always catch up a melody and then it reminds us about some good, sad ot other different times.

I wanna say my individual Thanks to Chris A. Vrenna and Michael Hille Hillenbrand.