воскресенье, 10 апреля 2011 г.

Your unkillable bad hero!

      We are all have some favourite films, prefer some kinds of movies more than others and always have our own heroes.
Some of us like horrors or maybe it seems very scary and they prefer comedy or drama, fantasy ...etc.
       I love horrors since my childhood. Yes, of course, it's not only this type of films, generally I like all good movie works which make me think and feel but I want to speak now not about it. The main question of the theme is "Who is your favourite hero?" but yeah, of course, we can have not only one lovely personage; for example, I always loved and was worry about only bad guys or girls or...other characters. I don't know why, they always were more reasonable,smart and beautiful for me than real heroes in a movie; seemed they are so poor and angry only because no one loves them, it was loneliness, pain and someone's guilt inside them.
       But who is the main hero for you? That one who always makes you numb and feel some trembling, you can't breath when you imagine  him or she, you're in a foretaste, you're  fall in love with ...who is it?
      For me it's a vampire, such a perfect  and beautiful beast, alive and not, immortal, mysterious, elegant and intelligent but...
We can see and know this all only from a TV or a book, how they look like and etc. I can say one thing absolutely - they have to be beautiful creatures, it's their "cheese for a mouse", they make their victims to admire and love them till they catch  you as a cat catches a mouse. Yes, they seem perfect,proud, elegant,clever and independent like cats. And they really "walk  by themselves"!
                          " Interview with the Vampire"
                                        "Queen of  the damned"

      I have never met them in reality ...in this our reality, but I met them not once in a dream. It was so real, I felt everything when I woke up all the time and their appearence was not attractive, they didn't have that beauty which films show to us but, yes, it's their own flavour, they are strange and with incommon features which  we don't have,  we are same and very different at the one time.
    So, who's your unkillable bad hero???....

воскресенье, 3 апреля 2011 г.

"Ночь" (The night)

У каждого человека есть свое любимое время суток, кто-то чувствует прилив сил днем и способен творить и создавать "шедевры" ну или просто быть суперменом и кругом успевать, а кто-то любит колыбель ночи, тишину, ее таинственное спокойствие и молчание окружающего мира, когда только и могут в голову приходить,какие-то потрясающие идеи, планы,способы решения проблем и т.д. Я отношусь ко вторым, постоянные бессонные ночи и после целый день с кругами под глазами напоминаю какого-нибудь вурдалака. Но в последние дни ,что-то не так...Это ночное умиротворение и непоколебимость меня угнетает, на смену удовлетворенности и стремлению работать по ночам, появилась тоска и грусть со всякими дурными мыслями, убивающими мою музу...


Снова эта бессонная грустная ночь
Ползет ко мне из окна,
Волоча за собой на цепи свою дочь-
Тоску, сркбущую сердце со дна.

Она грызет и лижет меня,
Как собака, играя с костями.
Отдала бы ей всю себя,
Укрываясь с головою снами.

Там, куда ее не пускает цепь,
Ночь отправляет тени за мной.
Даже если огни начнут петь,
Они уже станут мной.

И боль, что причиняет мне раны
Не спрятать перед собой.
Не скрыть в одиночестве тайны
Бетонной любви ледяной.
Только слышно в ночи, как сыплются камни
В бездне души моей проходной...

(in english)
The night.

That night was again sleepless and sad.
She called me by name through the window.
She was not along, her daughter was bad
As sadness in every heart's blow.

She gnaws me and licks
Like dog,playing with bones.
I'd give all myself for her hikes,
Running away into dreams with my hopes.

Where the chain breaks all her freedom,
Night will  let shadows to catch me inside.
Even if lights begins their free born
They will have time to appear on  my ride.

And pain, making the wounds
Won't be vanished infront of myself.
That secrets aren't hided in loneliness woods
Of icy and lifeless love from itself.
You only can hear how stones are falling at night
Into the gulf of my soul pass-through...