четверг, 30 июня 2011 г.

"Be my revolution!"

Иногда мы находим любовь, иногда теряем...а иногда находим, теряя. (Sometimes we find the love, sometimes lose it...but sometimes  find it, losing at all.)

"Be my revolution!"

To put the lips into a spit,
Kissing them by a tongue.
We have a patience just a bit
Before the liebe takes a gun.

I want you be my revolution.
Over red bleeding flag
To cut all their rules,to burn solution,
To make me rather mad.

The smell of skin is in my mind,
I saw the war into your eyes
Which killed all our lovers-bodies
And grew the tears of cries.

But it was soft and it was calm,
Into the nights forever comes.
We love to lose each other easy,
Holding us in the palms.