суббота, 25 июня 2011 г.

"What's it with us?"

      I look at people around and see it again and again...Seems we really stoped to hear and listen to each other...When we met new people, we smile to them, tell that we love them but our tongue is just like a bell...Please, kill the fake in us!!

"What's it with us?"
Time is past,
We had just little rest
In a bed with Gods,
Playing with the cards.
Stay with me...
I don't want to be free.
Let's fly like this
Killing hearts by kiss.
The sun is dead .
Shining with its fire head.
That pain in me,
It's growing like a tree.
Just dig a hole
To put your fake role.
Stop, enough!
We buried all the love!
What's is with us?
We make the life into dust.
Not keep senses well,
Just only tongue's like a bell.