среда, 12 октября 2011 г.

"On the edge." ("На краю")

Why  the sadness makes to creat sometimes more better than happiness??...

"On the edge."

I'm still standing on the edge.
I'm still feeling how it breakes.
The hope is living in roots of tree
And drinking love from lakes.

We both are scared but still fakes.
We can't hold each other in the hands.
And under feet the path is running
To see and meet all other lands.

Don't cry,don't scream but don't asleep,
I do afraid to be lost alone in your forest 
Where I am just a strange guest
With a bird inside who knocking deep.

I'm still standing on the edge,
Still waiting you in front of nothing.
My bird is dying in a cage
Where the love put it in...


                                By me on economics lesson :)