воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.

Day off.

Sometimes that days come when all wishes become into ashes and dust, just only one thing I want - to die for today, just for today...To take a day off from silly and full of nonsense life.

Порой наступают те дни, когда все желания превращаются в прах и пыль и лишь только одного я хочу - умерять на сегодня, лишь на сегодня...Взять выходной от глупой и полной абсурда жизни.

Picture by Salvador Dali

пятница, 23 марта 2012 г.


" I always loved movies of the green grass colour
But I couldn't know this till I saw it.
I'm able to be in love with beauty, the talеnt...
And can just look at ugliness
But I'll remember only what amazes me
And only this thing will have a statue in my soul.
Where are you, my "overman"?
Whom the place is already made for." (c)

Not my pics of course but what a beauty, isn't it??