воскресенье, 25 марта 2012 г.

Sola Monova

It's always interesting and curious to come up to something new. In literature fresh and free thoughts and ideas always shocked and excited people at the same time.
I love that way of writing and thinking which shake others and make them break the ice of numbness in their calm and usual lifes.

Julia Solomonova (Юлия Соломонова) is a stage director and young poet from Moscow.
Sometimes her poems are quite provocative with using curse words, when another part of her works is very romantic and beautiful.
Some people write her wicked letters and comments, others say thanks, in any way she is able to impress on everyone, is it bad??

Море холодное в Марте, холодное -
Только недавно растаял мороз.
Моя Маргарита сегодня свободная-
Нет в супермаркете желтых мимоз.

Эти тревожные знаки для Мастера
В ассортимент не включил магазин.
 Татуировщик сказал, будут классные
Шифры на теле, аванс не спросил.

Шифры на теле кармично-небрежные,
Пусть будет символ,пусть будет печать.
Мастер увидит, что скрыто одеждами,
Только осталось его повстречать.
(Юля Соломонова 2005)

(I hope lot's of you read once a very great book "Master and Margaret" by M.Bulgakov.)

In march the sea is cold -
The snow was melt just yesterday.
My Margaret is free today -
There's no in a market yellow mimosas.

These signs for The Master
They wern't included in a range of a shop.
Tattooist told it's gonna be awsome
Codes on a body and didn't ask pay.

The codes are crucial and sloppy.
Let's it be symbol, let's it be stamp
The Master will see what's it closed under clothes
Only one deal - to meet him at last.
(translation by me)