вторник, 24 июля 2012 г.

Beauty from USSR.

Real beauty - without "filled by pumping" lips, tits and asses, perdoname  por favor, and without anorexia. 

Last time we can see most of europe fashion models or from west everywhere as Bridget Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Twiggy and others... In magazines, blogs in the net we read about that beauties, but searching some info on different sites, through links and blogs also, we can find just a couple of articles, little history about russian beauties, about who they are, that first models of USSR, how they looked like and etc...
I chose some of the most famous and wonderful women of that times. They are actresses, singers and top-models.


Arina Aleinikova 30.08.1943
Daughter of the great actor Peter Aleinikov

Olga Androvskaya 31.07.1898

Olga Baklanova 19.08.1896

Valentina Serova 23.12.1917

from a film

Lubov Orlova 29.01.1902

Lilia Brik (Kagan) 11.11. 1891
 is known best as the muse of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky,
she was an older sister of french writer Elsa Triolet, wife of the famous writer Louis Aragon.


Klavdia Shulzhenko 14.03.1906

Edita Pieha 31.07.1937

Zhanna Aguzarova 7.07.1962
is known as the most startling woman, artist in USSR.
Nowadays they call her the best freak lady, mother of rock'n'roll in Russia.

Elena Metelkina 23.11.1953
Mila Romanovskaya ....
Regina Zabarskaya ... 1936
USSR fashion