пятница, 7 февраля 2014 г.

XXII Winter Olimpic Games are opened!!!

     22nd Winter Olimpic Games were opened in Russian city Sochi this Friday (7th February 2014). It's first Winter Olimpics in Russia.
So, being even at home and watching live broadcast of the opening of The Games from Sochi city on TV, I felt some tremble in my body, I wished to cry but I was smiling at the same time. That was such a great sense and deep. That was some kind of pride because the opening show was so fantastically beautiful, all that large scale made just to say "WoW" and lose the power of speech.
But! The main thing - when I was looking at people who were there almost from all over the world and gathered at one place, my first thought was - "That's it! That's why I want to cry and laugh." I felt the love to the whole world and the species as it is....
How it would be awsome if we're all can be always together like today, happy together, with no harm and war but with Love, Esteem, Patience and Gratitude...
      I'd like to embrace you...The World!