пятница, 18 апреля 2014 г.

"There's no surprise."

                            "There's no surprise."

             That's always fine if you're with someone else.
                 It's not your fault that life is passing me by...
                 There's no surprise I have no feelings,
                 But  curiosity to have them all.

          To rush from wall to wall as an exhausted beast
                But having open door... to run away at least.
                I make the hell around us for nothing...
        I make the hell to jump into its marsh for two of us.

                That's fine if you're somewhere else,
              It's not your fault that earth is always cracked.
                There's no surprise we have no love inside,
                 Just curiosity to taste it all...
                ( 19.o4.2o14 by me)

"Waiting" 2014 charcoal by me