четверг, 15 января 2015 г.

"Why so much lie World holds inside?"

                     Why so much lie
                         World holds inside?
                        And truth' running away.
                       Too many days, too many prays
                       And no reply
                       For any "why".

                       Till the end 

                       We'll stay alone and wait.
                       Probably Happy End
                       Shows its light... inside.
              Holding hands and standing in crowd,
                      No one could find his part.
            Bleeding alone but still standing in crowd,
                      No one can find his heart.

              Everyone, we're strangers to each other.

                      Everyone brings a present and gun.
                      Everyone has no love to another.
           Everyone has no time to remember why.

                      Why so much lie

                      Answer holds inside?
                     And thoughts are flying away
                As too many words, too many birds
                     And no regret
                     For any "world project".

              Where's the God, taking his part?

                      In this dying life
                      Under our selfish knife.
(16/01/2015 by me) 

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Photo by me

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