воскресенье, 18 сентября 2016 г.

Би-2 - Лайки / Be2 - Likes.

                 Би-2 (Bi-2) - famous russian rock band.
                 Official site: http://bdva.ru

                                Bi-2 - Likes (Би-2- Лайки)

                  Skeletons in the closet're afraid of the dark.
                  The worldwide net tears itself apart
                  'Cause of network congestion.
                  And we both got one parachute,
                  Then we'll jump together
                  And we will fly.

                  You are so wonderful, my love!
                   How many "likes" we have, my love!

                   Holding an alien kitty, I stand under the rain.
                   And you greet the spring in a fancy dress.
                   We still something await and go somewhere.
                   And all the time we pay but price arises.

                  New day is sliced like a birthday cake.
                  It's so pity the piece "passes by my mouth".
                  "Fresh" commentary that now I am not the same.
                  But this doesn't change the fact you are...

                  You are so wonderful, my love!
                   How many "likes" we have, my love!
                  You are so wonderful...
                  You are so wonderful, my love!
                                   (translated by me)

Bi-2 - To cut to the heart. (Би-2 - Задеть за живое.)

While I am alive
I keep you at my gunpoint -
There's no choice.
Many times I tried to imagine
My silhouette circled with chalk.
And in each counter face,
In vain, I hope to see
Familiar features to me.
Let's for me the most dangerous 
and precious person
You can be.

Loosing the light...
The love with no fire
It's the win with no fight.
To arise against yourself
And to cut to the heart dead souls.

Here's every step
Every look
Can be the last one.
That's for sure...
Sorry, I have no more time
To await forgiveness -
The life is short.
And this world
Can't be the same already.
The main enemy of mine
He'll vanish from the mirror.
(translated by me)