суббота, 29 октября 2016 г.

Project "Live"| Проект "Жить"

В рамках проекта "Жить", эта песня посвящается всем тем людям, которые сейчас переживают тяжёлое время, потеряли надежду, ищут помощи и поддержки, всем тем жертвам терроризма, всех видов войны и той несправедливости, что порой переполняет наш современный мир.Эта песня, её цель принести свет и дать сил, что бы Жить.

In the scope of russian project "Live", this song is devoted to all those people who go through hard times now, to those who lost hope and try to find some support, to all victims of terrorism, any kind of wars and victims of that injustice which ocassionally overflows nowadays world. This song , its aim to bring  some light and strangth to Live.

Social project Live - https://жить.рф

Lyrics of the song translated in english:


                       How is it possible to take sonbody's life?
                       How is it possible to turn of the ligth?
          How someone can take away mother from a five years old child?
                       No, no, no
                       It's not in a human's power to know
                       How long time he would live.
                       But he can chose one thing-
                       How he would deal with this time and
                       Live, live, live.
                       How to learn to live in peace,
                       To be able to love and forgive?
                       Give whole yourself at all and
                       Live, live, live
                       How to learn just to live,
                       Just to be with close people,
                       To dream together, to love
                       And cherich every our moment?
                      How it's possible to forgive enemies
                      And not to step over the line?
                      How to hold cry in the chest
                      And to see dawn ahead?
                      We can't bring back yesterday
                      But this is sense of future life.
                      We have to give, love and forgive,
                      Here our children will live
                      And sun will rise again
                      The Earth will be embraced with light
                      And live, live,live
                      How to learn just to live,
                      To love those hugs of the sun,
                      Just to dream with all your heart
                      And grant the warmth to the world?

I remember myself when I was eighteen:
Music, sport and desire to change.
No one can believe in my success
But despite that I could rise.
And I remember like everyone told, passing by me,
Study and work, unbearably to hear.
The one only son, just single chance,
Diplom' from MSU, that's all my motivation.
And in my case all is from another hand:
I left institute and at home nobody get it.
And then my well-known told me one thing
That one of the most rich people of state grew up in an orphanage.

I heard their diagnosis, I was there, I was in hospitals,
I looked into their eyes, I looked into their faces
There was zero of sadness,just wish to live not a few years but thitry...
Minimum thirty, minimum hundred...
There was no "but", there was no "if"
Depression pulls down as an anchor.
It's time to change a lot, everything is already decided.

I made myself, why you can't do it?
You can leave all like this but what makes you worse than me?
Catch your chance with all your hands,
Change your life, lets do it together!

                                  And live, live, live
                                  How to learn just to live?
                                  Not to make war, not to kill,
                                  Just become a HUMAN and live?
(translated by me)