четверг, 30 января 2014 г.

My Family. Part II ( From mother's side)

               Time will bring
               And time witll take all back.
               All you know, who you know -
              You'll forget, it's time's lack.
              Just don't gorget to forgive
              Them and yourself.
              There's no time to learn how to believe,
              Sometimes Gods are deaf.
                                (3o.o1.2o14 by me)

 Peter Sokolov, my great-grandmother's father (XIX -XX century)

My Great- grandfather Pran ( He was from Lithuania, I also have some relatives there who refused our relationships many many years ago, so I'm partly Lithuanian.)

My grandmother Leokadia Afanasieva/ Livite (from Lithuania)

My grandfather Vladimir Afanasiev 

     Grandmother and my mam. In 1970's. 

My great-grandmother and my grandfather with his brother.

Mother's aunts, my other grandmothers whom I know all my life and who was helping to grow up my mam and her brother when they "lost" parents. That is very long story which probably could help to write a couple of books of novels.

My mother Anna Vladimirovna Serova ( Afanasieva) and her brother Ivan Vladimirovich Afanasiev.

Unfortunately I don't have photos of my another one great-grandfather and also I'd love my great-grandma could be always young on photos and in our memory, couse for me she seemed very beautiful woman of the middle of XIX century, so later I'll try to update this article when some pics of them will be found.

четверг, 16 января 2014 г.

" Нет любви без огня, нет..."

                           *       *      * 
                  Нет любви без огня, нет,
              Но и сил разжигать костры тоже нету.
              Никуда нам не скрыться от боли, тоски,
              Чтоб однажды одним глотком ее насладиться.

              И себя уже совсем не найти,
              Потерялись мы в этом дремучем мире.
              Лишь надежда теплится в груди,
              Пока вороны кости гладают на моем пире.

              Словно волком - степным скитальцем
              Я брожу от луны до луны...
              Вспоминая пламени танцы,
              Я глаза закрываю свои...

(17.о1.2о14 by me)