суббота, 10 декабря 2016 г.

"Наружу." | "Turned inside out."

Я всегда всё ломаю и рушу,
Будь то по причине или ноль причин,
Забираюсь в чужую душу
И сею в ней сотни льдин.

Меня словно выворачивает наружу
Демон мой, мой бес.
В отражение глаз смотрю словно в лужу
Грязи и блёклых небес.

Я плачу, но улыбаюсь
И снова себе назло
В тени от всего скрываюсь,
Сердце прячу на самое-самое дно...
(10.12.2016 by me)


I break and ruin everything all the time
With a cause of something or nothing.
Getting into sombody's soul,
I build a wall of the ice.

It's like I am turned inside and out
By my demon, by my beast,
Looking into my mirror of eyes
I see a puddle of the dirt and faded sky.

I cry but I smile
And do it again to myself,
Vanishing in the shadow from all around,
I buried my heart on the bottom.
(10.12.2016 translated by me)

воскресенье, 4 декабря 2016 г.

"Hedgehog in the fog".

It's completely wrong when someone says that fairy tales and cartoons are just for children. Fairy tales can teach us all humanity, morality, kindness and love. Generally all children are the same adults but without extensive experience of living yet and adults are still those children but with a lot of  lessons of the life behind their back and unfortunately those who started to forget already how it's to be little "adults"...

"Hedgehog in the fog" is russian beautiful, very cosy and with some kind of philosophy cartoon, based on the book with the same name by Sergey Kozlov, and also winner in 2003 as  the best animated film of all times in Japan and in the world.

                                   "I am a hedgehog. I fell in the river."
                      "Let the water carry me along." - decided the hedgehog.