понедельник, 17 апреля 2017 г.

Old lyrics - New songs. Marie Bibika "Drowing in the waves, I'll be closer".

Those days are great which gives us positive and surprising, exactly from the word surprise, emotions.So today is something like that, I was pleased to get amazing knews from my old friend, remarkable artist and musician Marie Bibika!
The fact is that  many years ago I shared a couple of my poems with her and then forgot about it at all. And now I am plunging into waves of enjoyable nostalgia, listenning to melody of the song with incredible arrangement and charming voice, the song which Marie and some other talented people recorded lately. And I can't believe that lyrics were written by me in 2004.

The song "Drowing". 
I cant leave the world without the man I'm seeking for
I dont belive the words people say but later it's not it
I dont believe in words people say
When they promise but then fail
When someone goes away 
But when I wake up tommorow 
I'll see that it was just a dream 
I still hope to see you and this is my sorrow
Sometimes I think  you are my painfull dream
It breakes around me and my vigor is on decline 

Drowning in the waves I'll be closer
I'll come to you 

Why do I ask for help when God  is with me 
Why does someone pull me along in the line 
May be I want to fall so you can see me 
Oh! life, oh! God, let me rest and I'll go my way again 
I live without my part and I feel pain from drops of rain
Oh life show me love of my God 
Show me  starlight now that I can believe
Give me your invisible hand I'm seeking for the man I can love
And when I wake up it'll be the end.

Drowning in the waves I'll be closer
I'll come to you 

Прекрасны те дни, которые дарят нам положительные и удивительные, от слова удивляться, эмоции. Так меня сегодня порадовала моя давняя подруга, замечательный артист и музыкант Marie Bibika!
Дело в том, что много лет назад я поделилась с ней парой своих стихов и после совсем об этом забыла. А теперь окунаюсь в волны приятной ностальгии, слушая мелодию песни с превосходной аранжировкой и завораживающим голосом, песни, которую Мария записала в компании еще нескольких талантливых людей и,  не могу поверить, что текст когда-то был написан мной в 2004 году.

For cooperation: https://vk.com/mariebibika 
Produced by Asim Rahimov @ Limb Records: https://vk.com/limbrecords 
Lyrics by Uliana Serova : Blackchatte@gmail,com   https://vk.com/uliana_serova 

Also you can find Marie Bibika here: